The Tenth Step is a stunning, soul-searching adventure documentary about one man’s 4,000-mile quest across the Himalayas in search of hope and inspiration in a rapidly changing world. Facing his 50th birthday and at a difficult crossroads in life, well-known Himalayan National Geographic expedition leader and legendary whitewater guide Gerry Moffatt decides to embark on an epic solo adventure across the length of the Himalayas – from Ladakh to Bhutan – on motorcycle, kayak, and foot. Having lived and worked for over 32 years in the region, Moffatt is both cynical and reflective about the changes that have taken place in his own life, as well as in the places that have become his second home. Armed with more doubt than certainty about the future, he steps off the beaten path in an attempt to rediscover a reason for hope. Over the next 108 days and the unexpected events of the 12 months following, what he experiences is a moving testimony to the power of the human spirit and a gorgeous tribute to the beauty of our planet’s most legendary mountain chain and the local heroes living there, determined to carve meaningful lives out of an uncertain future.

The Tenth Step is produced as part of Thunder Dragon’s advocacy efforts to create compelling film, television, digital and publishing content that inspires audiences to care about the preservation of the Himalayas and the future of the people living there.